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Plus Size Body Types Explained

Are you a plus size woman...and loving it or happily living with it?

Well you might want to read this article as it will help you to determine just what type of plus size body type you have, helping you make better choices in buying your clothing so that you look and feel wonderful, in everything that you wear.

You may never have thought about your body type before. You may have just gone out shopping and bought just what you like...and not necessarily what looks best or works best for your plus sized body type.

And if you have done this, it is most likely that you get that clothing home and you wonder why it just doesn't feel right or look as good as you would have hoped.

It is probably because you bought clothing without considering your body type. Every woman has done it but it is wise to be knowledgeable about your body type and shape so that you can make a more informed and better clothing choice.

Why Should You Care About Your Body Type

There are numerous body types of the diva plus sized woman - just as there are for non plus size women.

They are not necessarily based on your size but, rather based on your proportions. For example, your bust size relative to your waist and hip sizes will determine which body type your fit into.

Before we get into the body types of plus size women, remember to use this guide when you shop for your next style of dress, pants, blouse or jacket. It will be an invaluable resource for your wardrobe management, and will help you avoid making costly mistakes when it comes to choosing the clothes that look best on you and your body type.

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Body Shapes of the Plus Size Woman

The Pear Shape or Triangle Shape

Pear shaped plus sized women have a body defined as smaller on the top and widening to a larger hip area. Often these woman are touted for their large bottoms (which many men find to be very attractive). In relation to the bustline measurement, the hips are larger, along with the thighs.

In order to balance the pear shaped plus sized woman, adding weight, focus or attention to the bust and shoulder area can help to make the pear shape appear more balanced. For example, you can add shoulder pads to your jacket or blouse. You may want to wear a push up or padded bra to make your bustline appear larger or you may want to simply wear lots of jewelry at your neckline in order to bring attention to the upper area of your body.

The Apple Shape, Rounded or Diamond Shape

Apple shaped plus sized women have a body defined as smaller on the top and bottom with a larger waistline - a rounded figure. Most apple shaped woman do not have much of a waistline as compared to their hips, bust and shoulders. They actually have no defined waistline.

To combat the lack of waist definition, apple shaped body types should not put focus on the waist area. Instead, they should try to put the focus on other areas of the body. They may want to try to add some attention to the shoulder and neckline area taking away the focus from the waist, and in turn, balancing the waist and bust sizes.

You apple shaped divas may want to opt for...Continue reading about apple shaped plus sized body types...

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