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Plus Size Body Types continued

Have you found your body type yet? If not you are probably going to find yourself on this page...

Continuing with the apple shaped, diamond or rounded shaped body type...

You apple shaped divas may want to opt for more flowing tops and dresses which do not have waistline definitions. Make the focus on the neckline by purchasing tops and dresses with fancy detailing at the neck instead of at the waist.

If you are a diamond or apple shaped body type, you probably have small or thin legs. Do not hesitate to put some focus on them by wearing shorter skirts, leggings or jeggings with a tunic top. Wearing some high heels will also help bring attention to your nice legs - taking away the focus from your stalkier waistline.

The Straight or Rectangular Body Type

The straight up and down or rectangle body shape is just as it sounds. You are about the same proportions for all of your critical measurements including your bustline, waist and hips.

Rectangular body types may want to try to create more of a waistline for themselves by choosing clothing which cinches in at the waist. You can choose dresses with tie wraps at the waist or you can choose dresses which allow you to wear a belt at the waist. You would be surprised at the effect of simply adding a wide black belt to a simple dress to give you a look of a more defined waist.

A wrap dress or faux wrap dress with an empire waistline can work wonders to create the effect of a more curvy figure. But other than that, you rectangles...you can wear just about anything.

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The Inverted Triangle Shape

You women with an inverted triange or inverted pear shape have a larger shoulder and bust area with smaller waist and possibly even smaller hips.

To try to balance these proportions, you want to take the focus away from the neckline and bust area by putting more focus on the waist and hips - unless of course, you want your bust line to be the star of the show - which is quite easy for the plus sized inverted pear figured woman.

All you need to do is wear a low cut top, blouse or dress and you will have created your focus. However, if you want to play down your chest in order to create more balance, I would suggest putting more focus on a printed skirt or maybe even some printed pants or leggings. This will move the eye from the bust area down to the waist and leg area - minimizing the focus on your chest.

The Hourglass or 'Perfect' Shape

And last but not least, we have the hourglass body type. If you are this body type, you are one of the very lucky ones. Hourglass body types are able to wear just about anything they want as their body proportions are exactly how they were meant to be and exactly the body type for which clothing is designed and manufactured.

Because you have been blessed with this body type - having equal proportions of hip to bust ratio with a smaller waistline - you will fit into just about every style of clothing made.

Fortunately for you, manufacturers and designers assume that this is the body type of woman and therefore, the clothing will fit this body type perfectly.

Did not find your body type...try here

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Whatever your plus sized body type is, embrace it, learn it and love it. This way you can choose the clothing that will be best suited to you so that you are always looking and feeling your best, while avoiding the pitfalls of buying clothes that are more suited to some other body type.

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